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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Workout: Day Twenty Eight

Of course, everything didn't quite go as planned.

I went to use my regular treadmill today and found it occupied.  With not a whole heck of a lot of time to spare, I ended up trying out one of these new 'fancy' treadmills.  Well, for all the 'fancy' (it apparently had the ability to work with your Nike shoes or something) it couldn't manage an incline higher than 15%.

Call me spoiled if you like but I found it incredibly frustrating that, so far, there's only one treadmill in the whole gym that can go higher than 15%.

On the bright side, I'm proud to say that I did really well on the 15% incline at 4.0mph.  By now I know better than to scoff at a 1% difference in incline, especially when hitting it over the course of an hour -- and yet I did rather well, I pulled the whole thing out and barely sloshed my martini.

Okay, I didn't have a martini... and it was still a challenge, and I'm pretty sure I didn't look any better than the last 27 or so times I've attempted to not look like a dork... but I'm definitely getting stronger, getting better.  I know that this wasn't as much of a challenge as the 16% would have been... and I craved it.  I was amazed at just how disappointed I was that this silly treadmill, for all it's flashy design, couldn't eke out another 1% incline.


At least the interface is pretty.

I've got two days to go on this thing.  Two days to knock out another 4.0 at 16%.

Hopefully tomorrow will be the day I can put this nemesis to rest once and for all.

Finally, if we take yesterday's calorie burn and add today's (1288+1379 = 2667) then subtract it from what's left to burn (3117) we end up with 450 calories left to burn in 2 days.

Wow, we're really down to the wire now, aren't we?

Only two sleeps left.

Honestly, it's starting to feel like the run up to the weirdest, sweatiest, most painful Christmas Day ever.  I'm getting all excited now and stuff, especially now that I can see the finish line in sight.

I'm so close now.


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