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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Workout: Day Twenty Nine

Today I had to fight for it.

No, really, it was like my body was conspiring against me or something 'cause today's session, even though I did manage to make the whole hour at 16%/4mph, was just brutal.

It was like all that I'd managed to accomplish over the last few weeks didn't matter, like I was almost back to square one.  10 minutes in I was a huffing, puffing mess and I could already feel those 'helpful' little notions bubbling around in the background.  Ideas like 'you've made it this far, what do you have to prove?' and 'you only need 450 calories' and 'why not take it easy?'

I remember this saying that I read on the bottom of a SoBe's bottlecap many a moon ago -- does it make it any less noble a saying depending on where it's found?  I dunno, but anyways, it stuck with me:

"It's not the mountain ahead that wears you down, it's the grain of sand in your shoe".

And, you know, throughout this whole thing, this journey or quest or whatever... I've been the grain of sand; the one wearing myself down, standing in the way of my own success.

For all my work and successes, today, on that treadmill I wore myself down -- every confused step, every wonder of 'why is this so hard?'.  Every time I started to take the notions in my head seriously.

The amazing thing is that I can come this far, accomplish as much as I have and then, today, in 10 minutes, allow it all to evaporate.  And it did evaporate.

(Today was not the day to photograph me for the cover of Sports Illustrated.)

But, like I said, I still managed to complete it; still made it to the end.  It was a hell of a slog though and I pretty much powered my way through it with my eyes planted on the clock, counting down the seconds.

So I'm proud of myself, yet I'm also... humbled.

And maybe that was the point of today, a reminder that it's not 'easy' and it never gets 'easy'.  Success takes constant effort -- mental, physical and more.  A reminder that, often, the hardest parts of succeeding involve getting past all the obstacles I place inside myself.  'Cause today, I was most definitely in my own way.

Tomorrow, however, is a new day, a new chance to succeed.  And since tomorrow is the end of my 30 days I've decided to go out swinging.  I'm going to try to do my next session at 17% incline at 4.2mph.

Honestly, knowing what my limitations are right now... I'm expecting it to be, well, ugly.  But we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Here's today's stats:
- User
Age = 31
Weight units = 230

- Workout
Elapsed Time = 60:00
Avg Heart Rate = 178
Max Heart Rate = 188 <-- Holding strong at the 188 mark... considering how hard I found today's session, I'm pretty impressed that it's not higher.
Avg Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Avg Pace = 15:00 /mile
Distance = 4.00 miles
Calories = 1266  <-- Pulling off a full hour at 4.0 actually ended up with me burning about 50 less calories than if I'd done the trip at 3.7mph.

- Cool Down
Elapsed Time = 2:00
Avg Speed Units = 3.8 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Distance = 0.13 miles
Calories = 23

- Total
Elapsed Time = 62:00
Avg Heart Rate = 178
Max Speed Units = 188
Avg Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Avg Pace = 15:00 /mile
Distance = 4.13 miles
Calories = 1289

Final stats and wrap up tomorrow!

It's all over but the cryin' folks.

Until then,


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