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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Workout: Day Twenty One

One of the best things about this near-constant stream of exercise is that I'm spending a lot more time in my own head. Just... thinking.

Watching ideas burst and fade against the backdrop of my agony. Most of the time they're really, really crap ideas, or ideas that've been done before and better.

But every once and a while, every so often I get a little burst of something special. Something that catches the breath in my throat, that makes me forget all about what's going on around me.

I got a peek into that today. An idea for a spec. I don't know if it'll pan out, or even if I'm the guy to do it justice... but it's worth checking out -- once other things get sorted, of course.

Of course, that's another thing I end up having to contend with -- my amazing ability to jump to various tangents on a whim. Getting excited about new ideas before I've put old ones to rest.

It's a fun dragon to chase -- there's always new ideas -- but that way lies ruin. Or, at least, a host of half or never-completed projects.

So, yeah, sticking to the game plan for now: Put the finishing touches on the new, improved Pipeline pitch bible; finish up the last episode of the web series. Those are top priority.

Then we get to 'Good stuff, round 3' er... or is it 4? I can't even keep track anymore.

Anyways, in exciting workout news, I ended up pulling a 3.7 on a 15% incline because, again, the treadmill I got stuck with couldn't go any higher.

I don't want to say that I killed it, 'cause I didn't -- the last 5 minutes were a serious fucking challenge. But those first 55... yeah, I was sweating and ugly as all hell... but I felt damn good. I felt the progress I'd made. It was only 1% lower on the incline than what I'd been doing normally, but it was a huge difference.

Also: I went and got my body fat percentage checked. When I started this thing I was hanging around the 232 to 234lbs mark (it tended to range as much as 230 to 234). I don't know what my body fat percentage was, but being as my clothes were a hell of a lot tighter on me, I'm going to say it was pretty high.

After doing a caliper test -
Bicep: 20
Tricep: 20
Shoulder (?): 30
Waist: 36

It basically worked out that I was about 30% body fat. Since I weighed in at 228lbs today (which seemed high, but whatever) it would appear that I've got 68.4lbs of fat on my body.

That said, I've also been putting on muscle -- to the effect that people have actually started to notice (and someone please bless those kind souls).

Anyways, 30% is a mental image I'm not too fond of -- I tend to imagine toes to mid-thighs as sticks of butter -- but considering I'm *this* close to going down a full notch in my belt... I'll take it.

All-in-all, I managed to burn off 1243 calories in 65 mins. If we subtract that from what's left (9562) I've got 8319 calories left to burn in 9 days.

Fingers crossed.


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