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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Workout: Day Twenty Seven

Holy shiat.

No.  Really.

I did it.

Today, I managed to pull it off -- one whole hour at 4mph on a 16% incline.

I'm still kind of in shock, I mean, I got to the 40-minute mark... and I was still feeling okay.  I was all kinds of the usual: sore and sweaty and gasping for air like a beached whale... but when the 40-minute mark rolled around... I was okay.

And I could feel it in my legs, no longer the usual throbbing pain, but a surge, a rush... a need to push onward, to see this thing through.

I got to the 40-minute mark and in my mind all I could hear was "only 20 minutes left to go".  No screeches of 'you'll never make it' or 'aren't you tired' or any other such nonsense; no tiny, self-destructive notions offering me a way out.  Just me.  Just my voice egging me on, saying "you're doing good, keep it up".

So I did.  I kept plodding along, watching the time tick on, counting down every 5-minute chunk; breaking each one down into 2-and-a-half-minute segments.  Each segment a fraction of the goal, each segment bringing me closer to the end; to victory.

And when that last minute rolled around, as those last seconds ticked down... to say it was euphoric was one hell of an understatement.  I'm pretty sure I giggled out loud. 

Not really a dignified end, to be sure, but at that point I didn't care.

Of course, in my distraction I didn't manage to get a photo of said momentous occasion... Not that I didn't try, but by the time I realized and got my stupid phone camera ready, well, the darned thing had reset.


On the bright side, I do have my stats for today... and they, well, they say it all:

- User
Age = 31
Weight units = 230

- Workout
Elapsed Time = 60:00
Avg Heart Rate = 177
Max Heart Rate = 188 <-- Slightly less than my last run at the fence... but not too shabby overall.
Avg Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Avg Pace = 15:00 /mile
Distance = 4.00 miles
Calories = 1266  <-- Pulling off a full hour at 4.0 actually ended up with me burning about 50 less calories than if I'd done the trip at 3.7mph.

- Cool Down
Elapsed Time = 2:00
Avg Speed Units = 3.7 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Distance = 0.12 miles
Calories = 22

- Total
Elapsed Time = 62:00
Avg Heart Rate = 177
Max Speed Units = 188
Avg Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.0 mph
Avg Pace = 15:00 /mile
Distance = 4.12 miles
Calories = 1288

Of course, the big question now is: What now?  I'd figured that this 4.0 beast would end up being my final stand, that I'd end up trying to beat this thing right 'till the bitter end (of my 30-day adventure).

So what DO I do now?

I guess, tomorrow, I try to do this again.  Try to make it a two-fer, go for the full hour at 4.0mph and see if it gets any easier.

After that?  Well, I guess I'll have to get creative.

But for now... it's time to bask.  Enjoy the accomplishment, maybe have a nice hot soak in the tub.

And do it all again tomorrow.


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