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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Workout: Day Twenty Three

Today was a rush -- so much going on at work and at home these last few days that I barely have time to sit down and do much for myself.

Thankfully -- thanks to a very supportive wife (who, incidentally, likes these new improvements), I've still been able to sneak in my workouts.

Workout-wise, I didn't challenge myself today, I didn't push it.


Because I'm saving my strength for tomorrow.

What am I doing tomorrow?  I'm going to try for and complete an hour at 4.0mph on a 16% incline.

Just so you know, a 4.0 is pretty much a full-on jog.  No more 'hill-walking'.  I'm going to swing for the fences.

Will I be able to pull this off?  Who the heck knows?  3.7 has been one hell of a challenge, pushing it to 4.0... it's going to be tough.  It's really going to make me work.  I don't know if I'm strong enough yet.

But at the same time: It's all about the push -- and, yes, the push-back.

To be honest, I'm more than a touch nervous just thinking about it.

Fingers crossed.

Here's today's stats:
- User
Age = 31
Weight units = 230

- Workout
Elapsed Time = 60:00
Avg Heart Rate = 166
Max Heart Rate = 176 <-- That heart rate of mine is still going down, which means that this setting's getting easier all the time.  I'm getting better.  Time to move on.
Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
Max Speed Units = 3.5 mph
Avg Pace = 17:08 /mile
Distance = 3.50 miles
Calories = 1251

- Cool Down
Elapsed Time = 2:00
Avg Speed Units = 3.9 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.1 mph
Distance = 0.13 miles
Calories = 25

- Total
Elapsed Time = 62:00
Avg Heart Rate = 166
Max Speed Units = 176
Avg Speed Units = 3.5 mph
Max Speed Units = 4.1 mph
Avg Pace = 17:08 /mile
Distance = 3.63 miles
Calories = 1275

If we take what's left to burn (8319) and subtract it from what I burned today, then I've got 7044 calories left to burn in 7 days.

Tomorrow's going to be... interesting.

Wish me luck!


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