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Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Workout: Rest Day #2

Today, after chores, running around and sneaking in a bit of writing on the newest version of my Pipeline bible, ended up being an inadvertent rest day.

Unfortunately, I managed to miss the 8pm cut off for the gym.

Sooo... yeah, that throws me off another 1000 calories from my target... but it does allow me to get some much needed rest.  My feet've been aching something fierce since I upped the difficulty of my training so this is a minor blessing in disguise.

Still, it does leave me further in debt just as I was starting to get caught up from last time.  Frustrating.

On the bright side, I've made some significant advances in my pitch bible.  For the first version I overwrote it to the tune of almost 20 pages, trying to cram in as much detail and interesting factoids as I could about my characters, my show and my world.  Then, thankfully, with the further help of Mr. Sheasgreen I've been working to pare it down to a more delectable/digestible 5 pages.

The great thing about overwriting is that you end up with a lot of great points -- a lot of chaff, to be sure -- but a lot of great nuggets that you can strategically use to help sell this product. 

Of course finding said nuggets, finding out how best to slot them in together, how to make them make sense side-by-side... it's like some literary version of Tetris.

Yet all progress is good progress in the end and, thankfully, the 'save' and 'undo' functions are my friends, protecting me from screwing this thing up too badly.

Well, one can hope.

Tomorrow I begin anew, well-rested and ready to rock the inclines once more.

But for now, it's time to catch some Z's.


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