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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Workout: Rest Day #3

Today I officially tightened my belt a notch.

I don't know if the picture above displays just how badly that hole has been abused since I got it but let's just say: There was a time when getting the belt to close around that hole was a bit of a challenge.

Even better, it's not too tight a fit; in fact, the belt sits rather comfortably -- if I do say so myself.

And so I decided that to celebrate this day by, well, relaxing of sorts.  I can push myself and my body tomorrow.  Today... today is a good day.

I still had an insane amount of work to finish and lots to do at home, but it was nice to be able to get it all done without worrying about how I'm going to fit in my gym time.

That said, I actually kind of miss that time now.  Just an hour to myself -- even if it a huffing, sweaty sort of agony.  But it's progress.  Moving forward.  Getting better.

Yes, tomorrow I'll pick up the slack, but for now... this is nice.

Cheers all!

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