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Monday, September 26, 2011

Breaking it down

So, I'm about halfway done breaking down 6x09 Night Terrors. It's been a bit of work getting everything set up but, thankfully, having that transcript on hand has made life a tad bit easier.

Even thought I'm only halfway done, it's pretty easy to see that it's a very fast-paced episode. I haven't noticed yet if this is a pattern (which will come once I've broken a couple more episodes) but so far, at the halfway mark I'm at about 37 'scenes'.

Now, that number is artificially inflated due to editing, but considering that the total running time for the episode is 42 minutes that's still a whole whack of scenes. They manage to cheat this by having a lot of cutting back and forth while staying within only a few sets. So far, the longest scene in the whole episode clocks in at 1:52 with the shortest being 4 seconds (though this scene inter-cuts with another, ends up acting like more of an intro to the scene proper).

That's only a bit of a glimpse into what's been gleaned so far and there's more to come, for sure. With any luck I'll be able to finish this tonight and tackle episode 6x12 tomorrow (putting both breakdowns up for this Wednesday).

Other than that, I finally managed to get in a shipment of printed books! Woo-Freakin' hoo... so those are going back into the mail ASAP and out to those fantastic people who climbed on board when 404 was still in Web-only form.

Many apologies for how long the whole process has taken but you should be getting your couriered copies soon! (yay!)

Alright, back to these spread sheets!

More to come ;)


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