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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doctor, Doctor!

Sometimes the hardest thing about writing a spec for a TV show is actually finding a relevant script. In the case of trying to write a Doctor Who spec that fact is further aggravated because, well, there aren't any available for the current series.

And yet, thanks to the wonders of the internet, one has the ability to stumble upon people like 'jpgr'. See, jpgr is a big Doctor Who fan. No, really. Huge. She's gone and made TRANSCRIPTS for each and every episode of Series 6 (so far she's up to 6x10 - The Girl Who Waited).


Now, there are certain things you're not going to get out of a transcript. You're not going to get their writing style, probably not much of their flow (since the Transcript is for the final produced show) but it's a fantastic thing to have on hand and it can make your life incredibly easier as you work to break the show down to its component parts. It's also great for dialogue analysis, picking up trends in how characters speak, what words or phrases they tend to use often.

Anyways, I happened to stumble upon this today and I thought it was a brilliant thing (making transcripts can be brutally mind-numbing at the best of times) and it saves me from having to do the work myself.

So, well, thank you jpgr!

This Friday I'm going to start to break down the episode 'Night Terrors' which is somewhat thematically similar to the episode I'm putting together.

Until then, take a gander at jpgr's site and revel in her hard work.

(and jpgr, if you happen upon this post, get in touch - I'd like to thank you properly for your hard work!)


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