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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dragons and Such

One of the cool things about the potential of writing a Doctor Who spec is that you have the opportunity to make your own big bad or, if you so choose, dust off a classic baddie.

In this case, I've decided to do a bit of both.

See, one of my favourite Doctor Who 'villains' is a race called the Silurians.  One of the coolest traits of these 'monsters' is that they're actually the original inhabitants of the Earth; they were here first. 

They evolved from Reptiles millions of years ago and, despite the time period, had a very technologically advanced society.  They were master geneticists and were known for bringing species back from extinction (as well as creating several biological weapons).  In fact, if they hadn't put their entire race into hibernation -- to avoid what they believed would be a cataclysmic disaster -- Humanity as we know it would probably never have come to pass. 

Luckily for us (but unfortunately for them) their hibernation tech malfunctioned, keeping them in stasis long after the rise of Humanity.

Now they're waking up and realizing that their planet has been usurped by... mammals?

It's a fantastic backstory and in Series 5 Doctor Who used the Silurians as a way to show that, in many cases, Humanity is the real monster (The Hungry Earth/In Cold Blood).

However, some of my favourite Doctor Who episodes are the Horror episodes.  Episodes like 'Blink'.  Or high-tension episodes like 'Midnight'.

And, you know, the title of the episode is 'The Dragons of Iowa'.

So I was reading up on the backstory of the Silurians and came across a being called "Urmungstandra" -- essentially, the 'Devil God' of the Silurian people.

Intrigued by the idea, I started digging, trying to find out more about this being... and what I learned is that there's not a whole lot of information on it other than the fact that it's considered a part of Silurian mythology.

So then I started thinking about this evolved race, this technologically advanced, brilliant race that still had this irrational fear of a 'Devil God'.  So I started to imagine what this Devil God would look like, something that reminded them of their unevolved, animalistic roots.  Something fearsome.  Something evil.  Something hungry.

Not a 'God' but something worshipped like a God.  Something that actually exists; something captured, imprisoned, hidden away, forgotten.

And, slowly, I started to put together the idea for a story.

But we'll dive into that a bit more on this coming Friday.  ;)


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