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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


So, here's a little peek into how my mind works:

I was looking at the scripts for Press Gang -- one of the series that Mr. Steven Moffat had been showrunner on before he'd gotten onto Doctor Who -- and I noticed that there was a script entitled: "At Last A Dragon".

So then I got thinking: Hrmmm... Dragons. In Doctor Who? Is that crazy? Is that just too far out there?

Considering that this's a series that's been all over the universe (and more)... well, it's worth a gander.

So then I thought 'Here Be Dragons'... and then I thought that it'd be a pretty neat title for an episode.

And then I dismissed it as too blah.

But then I remembered that Series 6, at least the first couple episodes, had a strong Americana streak in it -- of course, they followed that up by sailing the high seas on a pirate ship and then by visiting a 'junk planet' in a bubble universe... but that wasn't on my mind at the time.

Anyways, I started thinking 'Americana', started thinking 'history' and started thinking 'cool place names'... which evolved into 'cool state names'.


Cool, sure, but I wanted something that had a bit more mystery to it. Something that sounded... I dunno... otherworldly?


I ended up -- and this is a temporary title, may or may not change... hell, the whole thing might change if it turns out there's really not a good story here... but for now I came up with a title that I think is rather interesting:

Doctor Who: The Dragons of Iowa.

I really like the name Iowa. It sounds... otherworldly, it sounds mysterious -- like it could be a whole other planet or something.  Eye-Oh-Wah.


Personally, I don't know much about Iowa (yet), so there's also a bit of mystery there as well. For me, when I think of Iowa, I think 'Heartland of America' kind of thing. Corn. Lots of corn. Rolling fields of corn.

Not dragons.

Which, really, could be kind of cool.

Of course, then we have to think about time periods. We have a guy who can travel to any time, any place in the whole of the universe. Why Iowa? What goes on in Iowa?

Well, as far as I can tell, not a whole lot that's seriously historically significant. (My apologies to Iowa-ians if I've missed something amazing).

But hey, that's how research works:  You hit upon something that makes you go 'huh... I wonder' and then you start digging.

So, I've got to do some digging into the history of Iowa.

And I've also got to start pulling apart Doctor Who scripts.

A bit more homework for you, if you're interested:  Read some Doctor Who scripts.  They're not by Mr. Moffat, but should still put you into the right mindset nonetheless.

This Friday we can start to start to dig in a bit further.  Brainstorm a tad, perhaps.

Cheers for now!


Cameron Dixon said...

One piece of advice: Doctor Who has some co-funding, but it's primarily a BBC show filmed in and around Cardiff.

As I understand it, the point of writing a spec script is to show that you have the ability to write within the confines of "Show X."

Or in other words: there's nothing stopping you from *starting* with these ideas, but bear in mind while developing them that you probably shouldn't show up at a $150 British show with a $200,000 American script.

Brandon Laraby said...

This is great advice! And yes, I don't think I'd be going out of my way to go too crazy budget-wise. I know that the show typically doesn't do incredibly large (or, well, large) set-pieces, so that's definitely something to keep in mind.

Thanks Cameron!