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Friday, September 23, 2011

Okay, so, new plan

My life's been too hectic these last couple of days to sit down and start breaking down 'Night Terrors' properly (hopefully I'll get to that this weekend) but since today's a write-off, I'm going to share with you a little tool that my wife and I designed to help me break down episodes.

At first glance it's a simple little spreadsheet, but I've found it quite useful in helping me figure out all sorts of information about a show -- things that can help to ensure that your script feels like a 'real' episode.

You can find the template over there on the sidebar under the 'Stuff I Made - Free Stuff' heading. It's an XLS doc so you're probably going to have to use it with MS Excel (I believe 2003 or later) and it's formatted for a 5-Act series but all of that stuff should be pretty easy to tweak as per necessary.

I originally used this when I was breaking down several episodes for my Chuck spec (also over there on the side) and it's definitely one of my stronger scripts because of it.

I offer this tool to you for free in goodwill. And while I know there's no way to enforce this, please do me the kindness of not selling it or claiming as your own.

Feel free to modify it as per necessary to your uses but if you share that modified version, please keep the original 'created by' information intact.

Thank you very much (and I hope you find as much use out of this as I have)!


P.S: Here's an idea of what the spreadsheet looks like when it's filled in:

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