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Monday, October 24, 2011

And We're Back

Hey folks!

So, yeah, Friday ended up being a wash - from being swamped at work to actually managing to get out to my first 'Band Practice' in about 8 months, I ended up stumbling home around the midnight mark.

It was a fantastic time out there, seeing some friends, catching up with the world at large (a quick shout-out to Ryan, Chris and Nat, some real-life, bona-fide readers of the blog -- hey folks!).

Now that all that free tequila has worn off (thanks Karen!) I'm back in the saddle and starting to get a better idea of where I'm heading.

In case you didn't know, 'Band Practice' is Inkcanada's monthly meetup of Toronto-ish Writers, Producers, Directors and more to get together and just be social. It's a great way to meet (and have a beer with) people you may, one day, be working with.

Anyways, one of the great things I experienced at last Friday's 'Band Practice' was actually the reaction I got when started telling people about the Doctor Who spec script I was working on.

See, sometimes you just know you're onto a good idea... and sometimes that idea is reinforced in the most simple and casual of ways.

So there I am, being introduced to some fellow writers, shaking hands and such when the conversation pops up to 'So, what are you working on?'. We all chat a bit about what we're up to, then it turns to (as it usually does) what we're all speccing at the moment. A Castle here, a Community there, possibly a Justified, maybe a Good Wife; we all nod in agreement that they're solid choices. And then they look at me and I say 'Doctor Who'.

I haven't seen so many eyes light up so fast in one conversation before. (Incidentally, I was also surprised that so many knew of the show). Now, yes, please let me apologize ahead of time if I come off as sounding smug here, but these are the rare moments that every writer secretly wishes for: to come up with something that's genuinely interesting.

And that's what appears to have happened because, off the top I had a flurry of questions - (and yes, 'why?' was one of them) - but one thing I noticed (especially after I sold it as 'Doctor Who fights a Dragon') was how many people started smiling. Like ear-to-ear grins.

A small thing, but it was plain to see. People were interested, they wanted to hear more.

Yes folks, a good high-concept idea is hard to come by -- but when you find one that works... celebrate.

Of course, now I have to go out there and live up to that idea. I've gotta write a script that's going to be 'kick-in-the-pants' awesome.

But, for now, it feels good to feel reinforced in my decision; to know that I'm onto something here.

Wednesday is brainstorm day - we'll start to get a look at what all could possibly go (and go wrong) in such a script.

Until then,


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urbanguy said...

Good to connect with you dude! Keep writing!

- Ryan B. Patrick