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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Okay, so...

I've been staring at this spreadsheet off and on all day and, I don't know, somehow it's like trying to decipher another language.

Sometimes the easiest way to figure things out is to talk them out. Sooo... yeah, here's what I'm putting together.


The First Story I've pulled out of this is:

The Doctor pays a social visit to Craig -- one last visit before he goes to Lake Silencio to die -- starts noticing weird things which leads him to notice that people have started going missing, which leads him to discovering the Cybermen are behind it, which leads to him almost getting Craig and his infant son Alfie (aka Stormageddon aka 'Stormy') killed, leading to the Doctor feeling down on himself. The Doctor feels like he's been a negative force on people, that people die around him. Near the end of his investigation he ends up facing off against the Cybermen who capture Craig and try to convert him but thankfully (due to the love Craig has for Alfie) Craig resists the conversion and his overwhelming love causes all of the Cybermen's heads to explode (followed by their mothership). This inspires the Doctor to go onward, finally ready to face his fate.

The Second Story is:

Craig wants to prove he's capable of watching his son by himself. Secretly he's scared to death, he thinks he's a horrible father. It's made worse when the Doctor arrives and reveals that he can speak baby. Worse, his infant son -- who prefers the name 'Stormageddon: Dark Lord Of All' -- is full of criticisms (which doesn't help Craig's confidence). He gets caught up in the Doctor's web of intrigue and the danger finds its way into his own house where a 'Cybermat' (a large robot silverfish -- like the insect -- with vicious teeth) tries to kill him. The Doctor, despondent over this turn of events, thinks that he's a bad person. While trying to cheer him up, Craig falls asleep and awakens to find the Doctor gone, having left a note that he's gone to defeat the Cybermen on his own. Craig goes after the Doctor and ends up on the Cybermen ship, his plan to rescue the Doctor backfired as he ends up captured and thrown into the Cyberman conversion chamber. He hears his son crying and it spurs him onward to fight it, causing the Cybermen to explode from the ensuing surge of paternal love.

Meanwhile there's a weird little runner where everyone thinks that the Doctor and Craig are Gay lovers (including a bit where the Doctor tells Craig he loves him and almost kisses him).

Structure-wise, I'm still having a bit of a time in teasing out where the Act breaks would be -- and I'm not entirely sure how to reconcile the ending of the episode (which is entirely unrelated to the current story and is there entirely to foreshadow the Season Finale).

But progress is being made. As you can see, both stories end up dove-tailing at the end -- that said, I'm not entirely sure which one is the 'A' story.

Is it the Doctor's (because he's the lead) or is it Craig's (because he has the strongest emotional resolution of the episode)? I gotta admit, I'm kind of torn on this one.

Other than that here's an interesting little technical tidbit that I've discovered:

- The episode has a total of 72 scenes (without getting picky over the intercutting)
- Out of those 72 the Doctor is in 42 -- Craig, however, is in 43

Weird, huh?

Anyways, more of that sort of thing this Friday.

Have a great night!


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