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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs


I don't even know what to say.

I've been trying to write this since I heard the news and nothing seems to fit, nothing seems... right.

Rare is it that a visionary actually manages to make their mark on the world, let alone change it in the way that Steve Jobs did. Through the iPod and iPhone and iPad he fundamentally changed how we interact with technology; moreso, how we interact with one another.

He took our tech and made it simpler, easier -- until we had no choice but to integrate it, to make it into a whole new kind of social construct. He took what used to be the realm of the few and made it 'just work'. Then he went and made it portable -- he made it simpler and portable and designed to bring us together, no matter where you were in the world.

Steve Jobs made technology sexy.

And frankly, he helped make Geeks cool the world over.

(for some of us, that is a debt that can never be repaid).

He was an always-busy, always-complicated man... who still managed to respond -- sometimes with savage honesty -- to personal emails from complete strangers. For all that things that can be said about the man, he held that door open. There was always a chance that you'd get a 1 AM response from Steve Jobs himself in that gruff, take-no-prisoners style. Sometimes a few words to your rambling paragraphs, sometimes more... but always honest and always sticking to his vision of how he wanted his technology to impact those around him.

Unlike so many who get their shot and falter, Steve Jobs knew how he wanted to change the world.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Jobs.

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