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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Storming The Brain

Okay, so, brainstorming. A timeless, classic way to flesh out a story idea or concept.

So, what's on the docket for today? What problem am I trying to crack here? (The first task in any brainstorming session: what am I trying to accomplish?)

What do I need to do?

The Doctor
Amy Pond

What happens in my story?

Broad strokes here, beats... anything goes, may or may not be used, just run with it. NOTE: Below contains the final form of several passes all in one (ideas/critiques/expansions).

- An attack - obviously
- Someone lost - duh
- betrayal?
- a new friend
- hunters - a mob...?
- a showdown (too Western?) -- Genre imitation/homage?
- rebels -- too much?
- a sound defeat -- a retreat -- loss of someone/thing close...!
- a plan -- 'cause there's always a plan
- a bowtie -- 'cause bowties are cool
- Aliens? -- a mothership? No, too big. Alien tech. Sure. -- An alien prison. -- A forgotten alien prison.
- an escape -- can't have a prison without an escape.
- wardens? -- too much. Forgotten, remember?
- a sense of loss -- too intense for a spec? Maybe keep it upbeat?
- Confrontation -- Doctor Vs. Dragon -- Sonic screwdriver... vs. Dragon Tech? -- Techno Dragon? -- Cyborg Dragon?!... Okay, breathe.
- Running -- Always running. Hell, it's right in the show intro ("And we've been running ever since").
- Some Action -- Fast-paced, low to the ground, fun but gritty.
- Something to Fear -- It's a freaking Dragon. A Big, freaking, alien, angry Dragon. -- Death-Ray eyes?? Oooh...
- A Death -- of course. Wouldn't be a Doctor Who without a death -- Dragon-bait. Like a terrestrial Jaws scene?
- Some sort of Compassion/Kindness -- Do we all make up and be best friends in the end? -- Ethical/Moral problem? Do we go too far? -- Humanity the real monster? -- Ask the Question! Nope, still the Dragon. Close second, tho'.
- An Amy Quest -- B story -- looking for distraction, looking to keep her mind off something bad -- takes to local kids? -- Maybe a kid named 'Harmony' or something music-based, to strike a chord? -- Drawn into something deeper, forced into a choice. This or that. No solid 'right' answer. She wishes with all her might it was an easy, solid, I-can-be-sure-of-this answer.
- A... Rory? -- Just happy to be there! Okay, no. -- Torn. Wants to help, not sure how. -- Dragons?! COOL! -- Lazer Death-Ray eyes, not cool! -- Who is he now?: The man who waited -- Feeling outside, she won't let him in -- she can't articulate it. Or won't. -- Why?
- The Doctor -- Wanting desperately to make everything right -- OR wanting desperately to pretend like nothing's wrong. -- That it can always be solved. He always finds the answer. He's the Doctor. -- Believing his own hype too much? -- Genuinely surprised by Dragon -- Very old -- Doesn't know much, if anything about it? Shooting from the hip (as it were)?
- The Dragon -- Freedom. Wanting out -- Angry -- Hungry -- Tired -- Alone -- Last of its kind? (Does/would it know this?) -- Sentient? How Sentient? (Dogs/Dolphins/People?) or unknowable? Thinks in entirely different way...? -- Brain in Tail? Multiple brains like Dinosaurs -- Dragon precursor/off-shoot of Dinosaurs? -- Space-faring Dinosaurs escaped Earth, return to it? (NOTE: new comic idea).
- The Locals -- Downtrodden, beaten -- Desperate -- Looking for an out, a win. -- Hungry. -- Not expecting to find a freaking Dragon in their backyard.
- A Grand Finale -- Collapsing Cave? -- Aquifer...? -- Dragon vs. TARDIS? (Dragon Breath? Dragon BITE?) -- Freedom or Death Sentence -- Not sure which one -- A Pyrrhic victory? (too downbeat?) -- TARDIS whoop-whoops off to the sunset...?


Okay, so, yeah, if you made your way through that, you've just gotten a small glimpse into my mind as of late. Disjointed? Yeah, that's how things tend to roll... but I think I found a few interesting concepts to play with.

Maybe enough to even take an early stab at a beat sheet!

Yeah... maybe.

Anyways, that's all for now, folks! See you on Friday.


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