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Monday, October 03, 2011

White Wedding

Well, that was quite a show, eh?

If you didn't happen to catch the season finale of Doctor Who (and care) please be aware that this post talks about that finale and is full of SPOILERS.

Just sayin', fair warning and all.

So in the end our Doctor not only managed to cheat death and fix the entire timestream, he also managed to pick himself up a nice, shiny new bride as well.

Of course we won't mention the fact that his would-be bride was the one who caused the near-destruction of the whole of time... (her own last-ditch attempt to try and save him from his fate).

What I will mention though is how much I've enjoyed this 6th series of the show. Sure, some things don't really hold up if you think about them too much (okay, most things) but one thing that Mr. Moffat does exceedingly well is make sure that the stories under his watch have a solid emotional punch.

I was having a chat with my friend Cameron today about this series of Doctor Who and one thing that came up was the concept of themes -- specifically that the main theme of the series was how the Doctor started to believe his own hype and how, in doing so, he scared a whole lot of people. People started to ask the question: has he become more 'warrior' than 'doctor'? He scared them enough that they kidnapped Amy's daughter and raised her into the perfect 'Doctor-killing' machine.

Doctor or Warrior? Interesting theme for a character who tends to solve problems rather than shoot things (and yet someone always seems to die when he shows up...).

And yet there was also this other re-curring theme, these undercurrents of Paternal love, specifically, of a father saving his son. This is most notable in the episodes 'Curse of the Black Pearl', 'Night Terrors' and 'Closing Time'. The final two episodes even seem to share the same final beats.

Cameron mentioned that, since we never actually see Amy and Rory 'mourn' the loss of their daughter, this theme could've been changed to 'parental' love and expanded upon to great effect in the season finale. I have to agree -- there's a strong sense of love and loss in this series and yet two of the main characters never seem to ever experience this for themselves, especially considering that they've had their first and only child ripped from their hands.

Anyways, I found 'The Wedding Of River Song' to be a fun series finale with some wonderful sparkly bits (and an ingenious little loophole to that whole 'having to die' thing)... yet I can't help but feel like they could've dug deeper. The Doctor's the star of the show, I know, but it also seems like some real potential with Amy and Rory was left behind this time. Every aspect of their relationship was explored except for this one major facet and, in light of that revelation, it seems like a huge miss.

That said, I can't wait to see what they do with the Christmas Special.


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