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Monday, November 07, 2011

Aaaand Beat Sheet!

So, one thing I just happened to realize: I never went and counted the number of major beats in the various stories of the other episodes. Luckily, since I filled out that spreadsheet all nice and lovely-like, it shouldn't be too much trouble to see what the major beats are.

Of course, since I've not yet re-installed MS Excel on my laptop, that'll have to wait for another night.

Until then, we can still have some fun playing with beat sheets, trying to come up with something that 'feels' right (and then I can compare that number to the actual number of beats in the episode).

When last we left, we had:

-> Doctor Who Arrives
--> Get Caught In A Dust Storm
---> They Hear A Dragon Roar (Doctor understands it... sort of...??)
--> Seek Shelter
-> Find Hovel
--> Meet Locals (aaaawkward)
---> Doctor Who Faces Down A Dragon.
-> Doctor Who Leaves

Of course, that just won't do. So let's keep going.

Now, one thing that I realized is that 'seek shelter/find hovel' can pretty much be combined into one beat:

-> Doctor Who Arrives
--> Get Caught In A Dust Storm
---> They Hear A Dragon Roar (Doctor understands it... sort of...??)
--> Hide in Hovel
-> Meet Locals (aaawkward)
--> Learn about locale (Discovery) - (Lots of weird disturbances)
---> Earthquake causes Sinkhole - swallows TARDIS.
--> Investigate
-> Doctor/Companions/Locals Descend into Sinkhole
--> TARDIS is gone, dragged away??
---> Enter into underground cavern - lots of huge reptilian eggs.
--> Locals start collecting them (to eat)
-> See the TARDIS
--> Locals run away
---> Large CLAW on top of the TARDIS - HUGE DRAGON bears down on them
--> Run!
-> Discover remnants of ancient tech - a giant cryogenic prison cell
--> Doctor figures out who/what it is
---> Doctor Who Faces Down the Dragon.
--> Recapture Dragon (thanks to brilliant last minute improvised plan)
-> Doctor Who Leaves

So, here we go - a good start for a run at the fence. There, in all its basic text glory, is ... well, the A PLOT for the episode. It's still a good long ways off from a STORY, but for an idea of 'what happens' in the episode, that's a good start.

Of course, the next step is to tear it apart utterly.

But that's something we can tackle on Wednesday (I already see at least one plot hole that'll need to be filled). Do you see it?

Anyways, more to come!


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