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Friday, November 25, 2011


Hey all!

Sorry for going dark there on Wednesday but I've been in full-on 'head-down' mode trying to put the big finish to my Pipeline bible. We're in the home-stretch now and with just one final list of changes keeping me from moving to the next level, well, I've been pushing to get this thing done.

Fingers crossed, I'm planning on having the whole she-bang done tonight.

It's pretty exciting to see one of your projects about to cross over into a whole new phase, especially as I sit here typing away, polishing the prose, striving to add those final flourishes. Flourishes that are, hopefully, of the 'making-it-stronger' variety.

So, while this week's been a bit of a dud for continuing the Outline, with any luck, I'll have positive news to share soon.

I may even have a little bit to share on Pitching (depending on how this Pipeline Pitch Bible is received).

Anyways, I'm off for now but there will be more to come on Monday.

Back to the action!


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