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Thursday, November 17, 2011

News From Progress-Land

So, yeah, I meant to update yesterday but by the time I got my crap together Wednesday was pretty much a write-off.

On the bright side, I spent last night hanging out with Mr. Chris Sheasgreen (of 'Less Than Kind' fame) going over the pre-final version of my pitch-bible for Pipeline.

To say that it's come together nicely is a freaking understatement -- to look at it from where it started and then see what I've got before me now, it's just night and day.  Better yet, after I implement this latest set of notes we're both in agreement that we're pretty much 'there'.  

After this draft, we've decided to start showing it around; start getting some feedback... and, then, hopefully, begin the process of figuring out how to pitch this baby all proper-like.

There's definitely a few months worth of work left on it (including learning to pitch, etc) but I'm starting to be able to see the end point for this section of the journey.

Can't wait to see where this ends up.

Tomorrow we start to talk about Outlines!  Mmm... oooouuutliiines!


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