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Monday, November 21, 2011

Outline Part 2

Hey all!

So when last we left our heroes they'd ventured outside of the TARDIS towards some sort of glimmering object on the horizon. This object turned out to be a bit of a problem due to the time period.

In the last post we had tackled the:

-> Doctor Who Arrives

part of the equation and here, now, we're onto trying to figure out this little plot point:

--> Get Caught In A Dust Storm

For now, in the interest of keeping things moving, the 'glimmering thing' ends up being the roof of a grain silo on the outskirts of a withered farming community. In fact, they can see people milling about. More interesting!

As they start to walk towards the little make-shift hamlet the people take notice then turn and run away. The Doctor is confused by this until they notice the sound -- the sound of rushing wind. They turn and notice the dust storm speeding towards them. (Thus keeping them from going back to the TARDIS).

The Doctor and his companions start to run, trying to outrun the storm but are caught in it, blown along as the ground starts to rumble beneath them as they:

---> They Hear A Dragon Roar (Doctor understands it... sort of...??)
Amongst the fury and utter chaos of the storm a muffled ROAR can be heard, as if something underfoot is bashing and clawing and crying out. Still, fighting to breathe/not die in the dust storm the group bee-lines it toward the first closest house - a barely-standing wooden shack where they burst through the front door and:

--> Hide in a Hovel

Slamming the door shut, they lean against the door, spitting out mouthfuls of sand, shaking it out of their hair. A short, hushed 'gasp' causes them to spin, revealing a scarily thin family dressed in little more than rags. They stare at the well-dressed, well-fed Doctor and his companions with wide-eyed shock/awe. Here we:

-> Meet Locals (aaawkward)

And there we are, my first major beats turned into the framework for an outline. This is nowhere NEAR done yet (much of it is still a bit to cliche for me yet, but at stage one it's a fine place-holder) but, as you can see: Progress.

Now we're getting somewhere.


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