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Monday, November 28, 2011

Outline Part 3

Alright, well, would you look at that? My pitch bible for Pipeline is done and sent off to the races. Hopefully whomever gets to look at this thing will be impressed and/or interested in hearing more (as is the best case scenario with any good sales tool -- okay, well, landing the sale is the best case... but you get the idea).

Anyways, with that little so-and-so off my task list I can get back to trying to figure this outline out.


Okay, where were we?

Slamming the door shut, they lean against the door, spitting out mouthfuls of sand, shaking it out of their hair. A short, hushed 'gasp' causes them to spin, revealing a scarily thin family dressed in little more than rags. They stare at the well-dressed, well-fed Doctor and his companions with wide-eyed shock/awe. Here we:

-> Meet Locals (aaawkward)

Ahhh right.  Awkward.

If you watch Doctor Who chances are you'll see this as a 'classic' Doctor Who moment, a chance for the Doctor to be all 'Doctor-y'.  This usually breaks down into 'frantic wide/wild-eyed spaceman talking completely over the heads of the bemused/confused locals'.  Needless to say, this is one of those moments.

This is also a great time to learn about the specifics of where we are and what's going on.

So what ground needs to be covered?  Time period (though the Doctor may already know this... have to re-research how much he knows about where he ultimately ends up).  Of course the earthquakes and the sand storms will definitely be a topic of conversation, possibly also the 'roaring' sound?  This is a good place to start setting some rules - who went where, how much people have seen, what they know (or don't know).

I was briefly playing around with a sort of 'The Mist' like scenario, where the town priest is a bit off his rocker saying Hell's trying to come through or something like that (using fear to control, etc)... but I've realized that it's just not going to work.  It's getting a bit too dark, and, more importantly, distracting.

The 'picking apart' phase is on-going, of course, but here - taking it from beat sheet to outline - that's the time where I'm the most brutal, asking the hard questions (and kicking myself when I can't find the answers I want).

I've also been considering the setting, wondering if it's entirely too dark even for a Doctor Who story.  I'm not sure if I'm at the 'kill your babies' stage yet with this aspect of the tale, but I'm definitely looking to make sure I'm using the idea for the right reasons.

Anyways, so the Doctor and his companions start to talk to the locals where they:

--> Learn about locale (Discovery) - (Lots of weird disturbances)

Earthquakes/tremors, sandstorms, dust devils -- most importantly: Weird cracks in the ground where there weren't any.  More witty conversation follows until the tremors start up again.  Everyone goes running outside to notice that there are many, many more cracks in the ground and that the TARDIS is in the middle of them.  The ground starts to lurch and then:

---> Earthquake causes Sinkhole - swallows TARDIS.

Our first 'Oh SHIT' moment.  A large hole opens in the Earth and down goes the TARDIS.  Not Good.  If there were Act Outs in this show, this'd probably be the end of Act One.

Now that's a decent start.

More to come on Wednesday!


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