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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Outline Part 4

Some good news to start us off.

Monday I sent off the final version of my pitch bible.  Last night I got an email back from Chris -- the subject line?  "Holy Shit".

In a good way.

Apparently he's really stoked about how it's turned out, so stoked in fact that he's started to pass it around, trying to get some external feedback so that I can make it even stronger.  You can consider my fingers officially crossed on that one.

Okay, back to the action.

So when we left off the TARDIS had just been sucked into a sinkhole.

The next logical step?

--> Investigate

Of course, that makes sense.  That said, as a 'beat' it seems sort of shallow, don't you think?  Especially when the next beat is:

-> Doctor/Companions/Locals Descend into Sinkhole

At first glance there's not a lot here to play with -- except that this is an episode of Doctor Who.  And so we get another chance to have some fantastic 'Doctor' moments.  Of course he's got to use his Sonic screwdriver to do some scanning -- and of course 'something' has to be off the charts.  Which, of course, leads him to talking out loud, figuring it out, speculating.  This is a great time to have some character-ish moments.

But yes, eventually they're going to have to get down there to the TARDIS, they're going to have to descend into the the sinkhole.  How they do that could be a fun little moment as well -- could maybe have some fun with rickety ladders?  The general idea is that once they get down there they're going to be stuck.  Trapped with the dragon.

Anyways, so they end up at the bottom of the sinkhole, a tad dusty, maybe a touch bruised and that's when they notice that:

--> TARDIS is gone, dragged away??

Yep, you can definitely tell it WAS there and you can see that something dragged it away.  Something big.  The group gathers themselves, follows the trail and stops dead in their tracks as they:

---> Enter into underground cavern - lots of huge reptilian eggs.

My first mental image here was like that scene from Aliens, where they walk into the cavern and see this massive clutch of eggs.  I'm not sure that it fits tonally just yet -- but hey, for now, I kind of dig it.  It's also another cool 'WTF' moment to end an act on.  It might not be the absolute strongest moment yet, but nothing wrong with leaving room to grow.

--> Locals start collecting them (to eat)

This moment may not ultimately fit in to the story, especially with them being trapped.  Then again, nothing wrong with them trying to take a few with them (for once they get out of here).  Could be that the locals decide to stay behind as the Doctor and his companions begin to look around -- they start collecting eggs and returning them to the entrance, where they fell in, to be 'rescued' by the others...?  This part, honestly, feels the most tenuous right now... so it's most likely to be in flux... but we'll see how it plays out going forward.

-> See the TARDIS

Of course while the Doctor and company are out and about, exploring this complex web of ancient tunnels, they eventually stumble upon the TARDIS, laying on its side amongst a pile of alien-looking bones.  They've found the Dragon's... cave? hoard?  Something like that.  I'm also playing around with the idea of having very ancient technology hewn into or merged with the rock-face.  The point is to give the idea that whatever's here, it's been here a long while.  This is something that the Doctor can readily attest to.

Next time, on Friday, we're going to get into the fun stuff, the confrontation.  The Doctor Vs. The Dragon.

See you on Friday!

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