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Monday, December 05, 2011

Outline Part 6

--> Doctor figures out who the Dragon is and who the aliens were.

When I was first working on this premise, I was planning on getting the Silurians into the mix somehow -- actually my Dragon was going to be a Silurian Devil God. One minor problem with the idea was the whole idea of bringing in the mythology, how to integrate it smoothly for those who've never seen the show before (let alone integrate it for those who are fans).

Then I had a conversation with my friend/editor Cameron - who introduced me to an interesting piece of information: those who are writing a spec script for the show are actually forbidden from using the established species/races. You've gotta make your own aliens. Once you're working on the show proper, then you're allowed to play with the locals.

That said I'm semi-abandoning my Silurian idea here. My race will be called the Ordovites, they're a now-extinct space-faring race that tried to make Earth their homeworld back at the height of the Silurian empire. Needless to say, the Silurians - with their crazy advanced technology - promptly went about obliterating them.

The Doctor realizes that this creature is a Queen of the species and quite possibly the last of her kind. The cell where the creature was imprisoned was some sort of laboratory that kept the creature in stasis for all this time -- running tests, collecting data. Over time this place was forgotten and now the batteries have started to wear out -- which allowed her to wake up: leaving her alone, scared and very, very pissed off.

---> Doctor Who Faces Down the Dragon.

Armed with the knowledge that he's gleaned from the test chamber and hearing the terrified screams of his cornered companions, the Doctor runs out to attempt to save the day. He calls out the Dragon, causing it to turn on him - where he explains that he is the Doctor and that he knows the unspeakable things that have been done to her. He understands her rage. Her feelings of violation and loss. He reveals that she is the last of her kind and then offers her a chance to start anew, start fresh - to get free of this world. He offers her hope.

--> Recapture Dragon

The Doctor seems to be making progress, the Dragon seems calmer, placated. But then the Dragon sees the locals with armfuls of her eggs, carrying them away. She becomes enraged and goes after the locals - the Doctor realizes he has few options left and so he sets an elaborate trap, blinding her with rage until she chases him into the cryo-cell once more. With a last-second dive through the doorway, the cell closes and re-traps the dragon. Freezing it stasis. The Doctor re-powers the battery, ensuring another several millennia of safe slumber.

-> Doctor Who Leaves

As the Doctor and his companions begin to leave, the locals say their goodbyes, cowed by this experience. The Doctor and his friends, leave just as rain begins to fall from the sky.

Jump forward 50 years

The area is now a lake, the Doctor steps out into a bright, sunny day, to where people play happily along the beach/lakeside. Beneath the lake, the Dragon slumbers, its eye twitching as it dreams its icy dreams.

End of episode.

And there we are. The first, rough outline complete for my A story. It took a bit longer than expected and I can already see some things I'd like to change/make better... but, hey, progress! (right?!)

That's all for now, folks!

More to come!


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