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Monday, December 19, 2011

Pieces, Puzzles

Alright, so, yes. There we are, much better, all in one piece and ready to go.

Shall we?

Before we were so rudely interrupted by the sudden (and rather massive) introduction of alcohol into my bloodstream, we were working on trying to get this bloody B story into some semblance of shape.

And what do we have so far?

Well, the long and short of it - reverse-engineering the impromptu mini-outline I made last week - goes something like this:

-> Rory and Amy arrive (Rory apologetic)
--> They befriend the locals (Parents - John's the Father)
---> Earthquake/Sinkhole (Overlaps with A story)
--> They want to climb down after TARDIS, Amy gets Father to reveal secret entrance to underground cavern.
-> Amy is bothered by seeing the affection between the family
--> Amy and Rory fight (bicker, argue... uh...yell?)
---> Stop. Realize they're lost!
--> Follow glowing light to ancient alien computer terminal
-> See Doctor on computer monitor, try to communicate with him to no avail.
--> Follow after the Doctor (same general direction), round the corner - face to face with Dragon - Run for lives
---> Doctor almost talks down the Dragon - Dragon sees John with sack of her eggs. Amy takes collected eggs from John, runs past angry dragon (saving John from a nasty death).
--> Rory and Doctor return to alien terminal and work to get the cryo-cell working again.
-> Tech from TARDIS used to recharge the alien 'battery' running the cryo-cell
--> Rory finds Amy - who's tiring fast - she hands off the eggs to him, hides, lets him keep running.
---> Rory dives into the cryocell with eggs, is trapped with Dragon as doors start to shut.
--> Rory uses eggs as a distraction, dives past dragon, out the door as dragon is re-frozen.
-> All ends well, of sorts. Rory and Amy leave, have small moment on the beach 50 or so years later as the land is now a lake.

And, as far as beat sheets go, again, not too shabby.

Of course I realize I've completely forgotten to address a very important element:

What the *bleep* happens to that cavern full of eggs?

Yeah, that's a pretty large plot point to leave hanging in the air.

Now, admittedly, I went with the 'cavern full of eggs' thing for the visual impact, I could make it something more like 'a clutch of dragon eggs' if I wanted to make it easier on the 'this makes no sense' scenario.

Or I could just have everyone eat them up (not much better).

Side Note: For the Dragon noticing John with the eggs, it just came to me that the stronger way to 'notice' him would be to have him accidentally break an egg as he's trying to collect them. Hrmmm... I'll explore this further later.

Anyways, yes, the major idea now is to try and do what I did with the A plot: try to poke as many holes in this bloody thing as I can.

Ahh good times.

More to come soon,

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