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Monday, December 12, 2011

Places Everyone

Okay, so yeah... wow, the holiday season is coming up fast, eh? I'd like to say that I've managed to get all my shopping done, but... yeah... no.

People are just incredibly hard to shop for.

In other news, the B story is starting to firm up a tad. I'm not sure exactly how it's going to play out just yet, but I can talk a bit about some abandoned ideas.

One of the first things I considered doing was to have Amy and Rory befriend the mother of this family, a woman who's lived this incredibly hard life and lost a few kids of her own along the way. I liked the idea of examining how this woman manages to keep on keeping on despite the fact that her kids, well, yeah, they died.

Note: this, of course, ended up being quite a dark take on things -- though it had a nice centre of 'feel-good-ness' for the companions in that they know that their child is still alive (hell, they know her pretty well as an adult).

Needless to say, that one ended up falling by the wayside pretty quick.

Though it did end up inspiring me to look into the idea of them befriending someone else in the family - at first the little girl (who's 9) but I felt that it might be a bit too 'on the nose' seeing as, well, they lost a daughter.

So I started asking myself a) who can they best relate to? and b) who's actually going to be able to take part in this story with them? (someone's going to have to climb down into the catacombs with them).

Which then lead me to another realization about series six: there was a bit of a common thread about fathers and their children -- how they ended up having to rise above their own weaknesses to prove themselves as fathers.

Which lead me down the thought process of 'What is Amy and Rory's state of mind coming into this story?' (Yes, my mind makes leaps like that sometimes).

Which lead me to start thinking: Where is the conflict between Rory and Amy coming in this episode, that's going to drive them forward?

Which lead me to this: Rory wants to give up searching. He rationalizes it by saying that they know that their daughter survives and grows up well. There's no use getting worked up, running all over the galaxy -- time says that if they were going to find her, they would find her. But they don't.

This, of course, does not sit well with Amy - she's not the kind to give up and even through Rory's coming from a place where he thinks he's trying to help his wife... yeah, it doesn't go over well.

ALL THAT SAID: How does one incorporate that into the story? I can't be spending time revealing back story, BUT, now that I know this, I can start with that event already happened. The fight already done long before they land in Iowa -- with Rory trying to make amends.


So what's the point of this for them? To reaffirm Amy's belief to never give up?

Well, I'm not entirely sure that that's the most effective arc (it's certainly the most expected). Thing is, if you watch the rest of the season, Amy barely mentions the fact that her infant daughter has been taken from her -- in fact, for the most part, she seems to have made her peace with it.

So that's where I can take this. Though, this story isn't about proving anyone 'right' or 'wrong', it's about knowing when you've done all you can, knowing when to let go.

We always like to bandy about these phrases like 'winners never quit' and such but the reality is that there are just some things that are infinitely larger than we are, some things that, no matter how much you 'just do it' you're never going to punch your bare hand through 16 feet of solid Titanium.

And there's a strength in knowing our limitations, knowing when to say 'enough is enough', being able to stand tall, dust yourself off and move on -- stronger and more prepared for the next fight.

I know this all sounds pretty dark, and yeah, I can see how easily it can go that way -- but, that said, hopefully I can balance it out effectively; balance enough light with that dark that it's not some overwhelming, downbeat thing. (Which, honestly, is what it's sort of feeling like to me... like I might be digging myself in too deep).

That said, I remember hearing somewhere that we 'work best when we push ourselves outside of our comfort zones'.

Huh. Well, sounds like it's worth a shot to me.

Let's giv'r a go.

Cheers all!

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