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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Swinging For The Fences

So, now that I've got an idea for where I'm going with my B story, I can try and come up with a rough Beat Sheet for that story as well.

Again, we'll keep it simple and start with what we know.

-> Rory and Amy arrive.
-> Rory and Amy leave.

The difference between this story and our main story is that, so far, I haven't really figured out what my 'iconic moment' is going to be. I have a general idea of what I want for these characters now, but so far, I'm flying blind.

Hopefully during the course of this post something will hit me.

So, let's go with what we do know:

Amy and Rory arrive with some friction already between them, the reason why is not entirely explained off the top, but Rory is apologetic so it's easy to guess that he's done something wrong. We'll learn that this whole trip is intended to help her get her mind off of something.

Once on the planet, especially after meeting the locals -- when they burst in during dinnertime -- to see a gaunt but voracious family eating dinner (which turns out to be eggs...(!). They catch the family by surprise but, thanks to the Doctor's quick wit (and a flash of the psychic paper) the family seems to accept them readily enough. (The Doctor is smart enough to not say that he's with the Government).

During this time, while the Doctor is interacting with children (2 boys and a little girl, who mob him), Amy and Rory talk up the father (John) -- a wide-eyed, excitable man who gets very cagey when they notice bits of iridescent shells laying around.

More rumbling, an earthquake (that odd muffled roar is back)?? The house starts to creak around them. Everyone runs outside to see the ground crack and shift then give way, collapsing into a sinkhole, taking the TARDIS down with it.

Amy and Rory suggest climbing down but there's no ladder and it's too steep - The father admits he knows of a small cave that leads down into a cavern, it's where he was getting the eggs. But there's something more, something that Amy manages to tease out of him: There's something down there. Something big. And angry.

This, of course, excites the Doctor, sending him off toward the cave.

John collects his family, hugs his children and wife, and heads off after the Doctor. Watching this moment seems to have a big effect on Amy, she shakes it off and stalks off after them with Rory taking up the rear.

Once in the cavern Rory and Amy begin discussing the event and her feelings (in her classicly blunt style). She knows that her daughter grows up fine, knows that all ends well... but she still wants her daughter back. She can't believe that he would even suggest giving up the search. This is where Rory makes his case - if they were meant to find her, they would have and they'd know it. He doesn't want to give up either, but he sees what the search is doing to her... and he doesn't want to lose her too.

The sounds of roaring and screaming shake them from their moment - and they realize that they're completely lost. They've been walking and talking all this time and they're lost in these carved catacombs.

In the distance they notice a faint glowing light and decide to move toward it - eventually ending up at an primitively ornate computer. Old tech, very, very old tech that still works but whomever created this terminal obviously revered the tech as some sort of Deity. The lights are faint, the power waning. Through some sort of screen they see the Doctor run into a large room, frantically scanning computers.

They try to figure out some way to get the tech to work so they can contact him but to no avail.

They leave the terminal and round the corner to find themselves face-to-face with the Dragon. There is much screaming. The Doctor runs out of an alcove and runs past them - acknowledging them only briefly before saying something akin to 'you should run now'. Everyone runs, the dragon is hot on their heels.

Finally, back at the main cavern, the Doctor spins - spooking the Dragon enough that it skids to a stop (too cartoonish?) - he goes into his speech, almost wins the Dragon over. Amy and Rory spot John with an armful of eggs -- and Amy clicks on what's been going on (hrmmm... not sure about that one...). The Dragon sees John and becomes enraged.

Amy pushes John out of the way, takes the eggs from him and runs past the stunned dragon (yelling to the Doctor to 'figure something out, fast' as she passes him and the Dragon follows). The Doctor and Rory fly into action the both of them heading back to the cryo-cell - trying to get it operational again (need to re-charge the battery).

Doctor and Rory go to the TARDIS, get (galactic jumper cables...?) and use it on the computer's power core. Doctor sends Rory off to find Amy (who's tiring fast). She hands off the eggs to Rory, who keeps running (as she hides in an alcove with the Dragon rushing past). Rory runs with the eggs, heading back into the cell - the Dragon dives in after him, seemingly blocking the entrance.

Amy arrives, having found the Doctor, out of breath. She watches in horror as Rory is in the room with the Dragon. Frantic, she tries to find some way to communicate with him, hits some of the buttons -- the doors begin to close, preparing to seal the Dragon in (this might be a bit too dumb for Amy to do... will revisit later).

Rory uses the eggs, tosses them to the Dragon, distracting it just long enough for him to slide through the dragon's legs and dive out the door, moments before it closes.

The door seals, the dragon is re-frozen.


Amy comes to realize that there are some things that are just out of her control entirely - the Dragon awoke alone, lost, trapped underground... and then some strange little creature started stealing its eggs (babies...? Too on the nose...? hrmm). Though she desperately wishes to have her child back, to be able to hold her and be the proper parent, she knows that River lives and grows up into a strong woman. She's not happy, but she accepts the consolation. (This will probably not have any dialogue and will mostly be an internal decision... not sure how much though just yet.)

End of episode, they arrive on the lake 50 years later for their day at the beach, a nice day in the sunshine.

Hrmmm... and there we are. Okay, not quite a 'beat sheet', not quite an outline... and yet, well, not too bad for a rough draft.

On Friday let's give this thing another go, see if we can't clean some things up a tad (as there's obviously quite a bit here that could use a spit polish/overhaul).

Not too shabby though, if I do say so myself.

More to come!

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