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Friday, December 30, 2011

Taking Stock 2011 Edition

This year was a big year in that one huge, life-changing event happened this past February:

The birth of my son.

Yeah, that pretty much kept me a tad busy throughout most of this year -- and yet I still managed to squeak out a few other achievements that I'm rather proud of:

-- I read through and reviewed a total of 30 TV scripts in 30 days.  I learned a metric shit-tonne about the craft of scriptwriting and also came to a deeper understanding of why I like the shows I like.

-- I put together a month-long campaign to get my now very out-of-shape self back into shape.  Over 30 days of regular hill-training (5-6 days a week) I burned a total of 32,155 calories, dropped one 1 belt size and lost 8.5 lbs.  Not too shabby.

And finally:

-- I managed to snag a Lift Out Loud reading of my Pilot script: Pipeline.

Which ended up being moderated by Chris Sheasgreen (of Less Than Kind fame)

Which piqued his interest so much that he wanted to come on board and help me take it to the next level.

I've since put together three full drafts of a pitch bible (including one Page One rewrite) and one 'Final' draft which ended up getting passed around (turns out that no, it's not 'Final' after all).

Next year we're going to refine it some more and start work on pitching this lil' beaster.

Of course in the new year I'll finally get started on writing this Doctor Who spec and I'm considering posting bits and pieces online as I go... we'll see.

Anyways, I want to give a big, hearty Thank You to each and every one of you who've made a habit of popping on by here over the past year -- especially to those of you who've tried to interact in some way, whether you took the time to find me at a party or sent me an email to talk about something I've posted, you've helped keep me engaged and I deeply appreciate it.

It's been a crazy 12 months (and I have a feeling that 2012's not going to be any less so...) but it's time to close the book on this one.

Stay safe out there folks, see you on the flip-side.


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