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Friday, January 06, 2012

Final Outline Part 1

Okay, so this ended up being much, much longer than I thought it'd be so I'm going to break it up into pieces.

Without further ado, here's what I've managed to come up with for 'The Dragons Of Iowa'.


Through the rough-hewn catacombs he sprints, young Jonathan Ames; a loaded, bulky gunny sack slung over his shoulder; contents clicking and clacking together as he runs for his life. Behind him something roars, the walls shaking with its rage. Jonathan looks over his shoulder, terrified and abandons the sack. Turning corners at random, running blind from fear, he slams face first into a dead end and stumbles backward. From the ground looking up a shadow falls across the cavern and Jonathan screams.

The TARDIS appears in the dusty remnants of a corn field. The Doctor bursts out of the doors, excited, expounding about shimmering seas of living crystal, the best massages in the known galaxy. Wait. Wrong planet. Wrong time. Wrong – “What’s that?” The Doctor sees a glimmering object on the horizon and moves in to investigate. Can’t hurt. Just take a moment. Rory and Amy follow along, wondering out loud about what strange planet they could be on this time. The Doctor reveals that this is Earth, America, circa 1936. Amy wonders what could’ve caused all this damage – some sort of weapon?

The Doctor comes to a sudden stop, the gleaming metal now in plain view – an old, metal water-tower half-decorated with the remnants of iridescent shell pieces. A little girl dressed in rags – Josephine (Josie) Ames – no more than 8, stands at the top of a walkway with an empty potato sack slung over her shoulder. She puts a hand to her mouth and calls out to them, a warning. She points and they follow her gaze to the large rolling cloud of brown/black dust coming in fast. As Rory asks what that is, Amy grabs him and the Doctor and starts running, yelling ‘Sandstorm!’ Josie scurries down the ladder, running toward a dilapidated old house, disappearing inside.

The Doctor pulls them close to him, trying to stuff them under his jacket as the storm hits them full-on, a cacophony of wind and dust and sand blows around them – Rory tries to speak and ends up spitting out mouthfuls of sand. The ground beneath them starts to rumble and shake, inside the storm a muffled, angry ROAR can be heard. The ground-shakes start to sound like ‘pounding’. Through the dust a small hand reaches up and grabs Amy’s, pulling her away, leading her. Amy, Rory and the Doctor follow the little girl.

A rickety door bursts open and Josie, her face covered in rags, enters. She tosses off her mask and shakes the sand out of her hair. The Doctor, Amy and Rory enter then proceed to cough, shake, shimmy and pat off all their collected dust. Rory hacks out a rather large glob of wet sand. All said and done they look up to see the rest of the Ames family – clad in little more than rags themselves – staring at the well-dressed strangers in stunned silence from the dinner table.

Josie is over-joyed at the arrival of these strange visitors, she constantly feels their clothing and shoes. She takes Amy’s hand and remarks that her skin is so pretty. Amy laughs but seems genuinely touched by the little girl. The father stands and shakes their hands introduces himself as William Ames, his wife as Mary and his daughter, Josephine (“Josie!” She corrects). At the table there is one more place made but it’s empty. William says they don’t often get visitors, especially since the land dried up and the storms rolled in. The Doctor introduces himself and flashes his psychic paper, trying to look official. William looks them up and down then looks at the paper – then his eyes narrow with anger. He tells Mary to get him his gun; that these fancy-dressed, fine speaking people are from the Bank and they’re here to take his farm.

End of Part One - more to come!

Cheers all!


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