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Monday, January 09, 2012

Final Outline Part 2

Hey all!

More coming up here - picking up where we left off. The official Outline is sitting at around 4 and a half-ish pages right now (and, apparently, no it's not 'final' as I've already been tinkering with it again... *sigh*).

Anyways, here's where we are for Part 2:

The Doctor goes into full-on 'Doctor' mode – Not here to take the farm. He’s the DOCTOR. Here to help... with the farm. Amy notices the dinner table and every plate is overflowing with scrambled eggs. Josie asks Amy if they can help to find her brother, Jonathan. Mary takes Josie by the hand, starts to pull her away, William is abrupt: No. Jonathan will be back soon. Rory looks down and sees several bits of iridescent shells. William, unhappy with how things are going, begins to usher them out, they’re not welcome. Josie breaks away from her mother, yelling that he is too lost and if they don’t want to find him, she will. Mary tries to calm her child, we can see that she’s been crying. The Doctor kneels to Josie, says he’s the Doctor, that he fixes things. They’re going to find her brother together. William stops him. No, you can’t. Josie retorts that he’s just afraid of the monster. Doctor replies with all seriousness “Monsters? Well, monsters are my specialty.”

As if on cue, the ground beneath them begins to rumble and shake, that same muffled roar can be heard – plates and the few things not already fallen to the floor (from the earlier tremor) fall to the ground. Mary whispers, ‘it’s getting louder’. The rumbling continues to worsen, the whole house starts to sway. The Doctor yells for everyone to get outside – they flee the house, out in to the dusty noonday light. They hear a loud rumble and then a CRACK as a large fissure opens and spreads out into the cornfield; then another and another. The ground heaves and then collapses into a giant sinkhole – the Doctor, Amy and Rory watch in horror as the TARDIS falls with it. A massive plume of dust flies up into the sky. Mary takes William’s hand, the horror on their faces plain to see – the last vestiges of hope for their son flicker out.

Together the Doctor, Amy and Rory all run to the edge of the sinkhole, trying to see through the haze… no good. Rory says they need some rope, they can climb down. The Doctor sneakily pulls out his sonic screwdriver, scans the hole then balks at the reading. He recovers quickly and shakes his head to the others. He turns to William and asks ‘how do we get down there?”. Josie takes off running ‘this way, Doctor!’ ‘Josie!’ Amy calls out, seeming just as worried as William and Mary as they give chase, their faces white as sheets.

At a rocky outcropping she steps down a perilous natural set of stairs – she grabs a lantern off a wall and disappears into the dark mouth of the cavern. A few moments later everyone except Mary follows Josie in. Mary stands at the mouth of the cave, watching, barely holding herself together. Standing there alone, she takes a deep gulp and then forces herself onward, into the cave after them.

Inside the tunnel, the light from the entrance fades. He pulls out his Sonic Screwdriver and uses it as a torch, the surrounding area is bathed in a blue light. Mary and William stare at it in awe – The Doctor explains that it’s the latest thing from… Paris: ‘The flameless torch’. Doctor remarks that this cave, this tunnel, it’s not natural. It’s very old, very damaged… but not natural. He points to the parts where the wall is smooth – some sort of laser drill. He seems in awe of it. Amy marches onward, past the Doctor, past William (who’s more than a touch frightened) she calls out for Josie. Rory pulls up beside her, asks her what’s wrong. She asks him what he thinks is wrong. He nods, understanding. He mentions that this won’t bring Melody back. She gives him a dirty look and pushes on past him, calling out ‘Josie!’.

Amy and the others enter into a large open cavern, the sinkhole. Above them daylight shines through. The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver and begins scanning the area, he’s lead to a long sliding track in the dust – he says that this is where the TARDIS landed… but it was dragged away. He stops to notice the huge claw-marks in the underside of the fallen rock “…by something massive.”

And that's where things go for today. More to come!


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