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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Final Outline Part 3

Edits, edits and more edits. Even as soon as I finish writing this bloody thing I get another idea for how I can better express something or how I can make an event or an action clearer. The general 'story' is done, figured out though... so that's a bonus.

Here's part 3 (of 4), folks!

They follow the trail of the TARDIS through the cavern, past walls that have faint and cracked ‘circuit board’ patterns imprinted into them. Downward they go, William taking the lead – warning them to be careful, it’s like a maze down here. Through several twists and turns and paths they go, eventually coming into a large chamber full of football-sized, iridescent-shelled eggs stuck to the floor, the walls, the ceiling. There’s a large patch of open space and a crowbar lying to the side. Amy turns to William, shocked. He says that his family was starving, there was nothing left to eat after the crops died. Desperate, he went down into the caves, hoping to find something to eat or sell… and he found this place. He looks around in awe – there’s a lot more eggs here now.

They continue to follow the trail to another large, open space – it looks like a Hub of sorts, tunnels running in all different directions. There, at the entrance of the largest tunnel, laying on its side and barely visible in faint light of the sonic screwdriver, is the TARDIS. The Doctor runs up, starts scanning it – laughs. It’s fine! He notices some bones, some alien skulls. Not good. He starts scanning the bones, ancient, Silurian. Something stirs behind the TARDIS, slithers in the darkness. The locals gasp as a massive claw slams down on top of the blue box; as a huge, iridescent, green-scaled, 3-eyed dragon pushes forward; its long, silvery teeth glinting in the pale blue light. It ROARS and stands on the TARDIS, spreading its leathery wings wide as the Doctor backpedals.

He raises the sonic screwdriver heroically, light burning brighter – impossibly bright. Nothing happens. He fiddles with the settings, tries again… still the dragon is unaffected. It stares at him, drool running down the tentacles of its powerful jaws. ‘RUN!’, the Doctor yells as the dragon lunges. He dodges the attack and sprints for the closest tunnel as Amy and Rory and William and Mary run down different tunnels. The dragon continues to chase the Doctor, roaring in frustration.

As he runs through the tunnel, the Doctor starts to notice odd little bits of wiring and metallic panels peeking out from the rock. He comes to a fork in the cave system and turns toward a tunnel that has faint, flickering green lights emanating from it. As he runs down this tunnel, the dragon turns and leaves him be.

The Doctor reaches the end of the tunnel to see that it opens into a large, metallic room. He scans the room, discovers that it’s alien technology, some sort of cell – a cryogenic prison. That’s where the dragon was and how it escaped: it’s very, very old and whatever's keeping this place running, it's almost entirely out of power.

William and Mary wander through the tunnels, William’s hand following the wall, the other holding Mary’s hand. Mary calls out for Josephine, half-calls for Jonathan. They move slowly, afraid.

Amy and Rory wander in the dark, careful, nervous. Amy calls out for Josie in a soft voice then stops. What if this WAS Melody, she asks. What if those alien bastards put their daughter through something like this – running through the darkness, alone, scared? “The Silence took our baby, Rory… and we’re never going to get her back”. She shivers in the dark. Rory holds her. Says that they know she lives, know that she grows strong and smart. That’s the funny thing about time-travel, really. You get to know. Even if you can’t be there, even if you miss all the darkness, the sad bits, the chance to kiss the scraped knees, to hold them close… you know. You know she survives… and that’s something. That’s more than most get.

There’s movement in the distance, footsteps. Little footsteps. Amy calls out for Josie. The little girl peeks around the corner and then runs toward Amy, hugging her full on, shivering. She says, in a whisper, that she found Jonathan.

The Doctor has an ‘aha’ moment as he discovers that the ‘dragon’ is actually the last surviving Queen of a small, space-faring race called the Ordovites. This one, this last Ordovite, has been in stasis for millions of years – the Silurian machines still running tests and collecting data. Over time this place was forgotten and now the batteries have started to wear out -- which allowed her to wake up: leaving her alone, scared and very, very pissed off.

William and Mary move down their tunnel, they stop at the sound of rocks dropping, clacking together. They stare into the gloom, something moves. Mary smiles, Josephine! She starts to run toward the figure on the ground.

Josie leads Amy and Rory down a series of tunnels to a faint, amber-glowing computer terminal. It’s very old and ornate -- whomever created this terminal obviously revered the tech with an almost religious fervor. The amber glow is faint, the power waning. Through some sort of screen they see the Doctor in a large room, frantically scanning computers. They try to figure out some way to get the tech to work so they can contact him – Amy and Rory start hitting keys – the lights flash (causing the Doctor to spin in confusion), finally finding an audio switch. They call out to the Doctor – Doctor says he’s in some sort of cryogenic cell – this is where the creature was held. Amy’s about to respond to the Doctor when Josie points them to another, lower screen where a young man – barely more than 15 – lies, moving but just barely. Slowly two figures come into view, Josie gasps as her Mom runs into the frame, she wraps her arms around the downed boy and cries. Somewhere, though there’s no audio on the feed, the echo of her cries reaches through the caves. Josie wants to run to them. She calls ‘Momma’, turns the corner and screeches.

Friday is the finale!


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