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Friday, January 13, 2012

Final Outline Part 4

Alright, here we are, the big finish Outline-wise. I've been going over this thing all week, trying to really make it sing and I've sent this version to my Writing Group to see if I can get some extra feedback before I set off into Script territory.

Fingers crossed.

Anyways, here we are!

Amy and Rory follow and find themselves face-to-face with the Dragon. There is much screaming. Just as the Dragon is preparing to strike, the Doctor steps out of a green-glowing alcove behind the Dragon – he calls it by name ‘Nial Shi’alvarek, Queen of the Ordovites’. She spins in the cavern, padding toward him, curious. The Doctor backs out of the tunnel, back into the Hub, to the room full of eggs. He explains that he knows what they did to her, what the Silurians did to her people.

The Ordovites came to Earth fleeing a dying homeworld. They came looking to colonize it, to find a new home… at the height of the Silurian empire. Her people were no match for the Silurians advanced technology and they were decimated. He reveals that she is the last of her kind, the last Ordovite in existence. He knows her feelings of violation, of loss. But he is the Doctor… and he fixes things. A terrible injustice has been done to her, he understands her rage. He offers her a chance to start anew - to get free of this world. He offers her hope.

The Doctor seems to be making progress, the Dragon seems calmer, placated -- But then the Josie sees William and Mary exiting a tunnel, both struggling to carry the gravely injured Jonathan. Josie calls out for her momma and the Dragon turns, sees Jonathan, the thief. She becomes enraged and charges at William, Mary and Jonathan. As the Dragon nears the locals, Rory says he’s sorry. He picks up the crowbar and smashes an egg with it. The Dragon skids. Rory smashes another. The Dragon turns. Rory knocks an egg loose and picks it up. The Dragon charges him instead. Rory runs into the tunnel – as he passes the Doctor he yells ‘figure something out, fast!’ The Dragon is hot on his heels.

The Doctor leads Amy to the green-glowing cell, says this is where the Ordovite was held captive – that they need to get it back in here somehow – Amy knows just the thing, leads him down the alcove but up to the Amber-glowing, ancient computer. The Doctor scans it in awe, revealing that it’s ancient Silurian technology. Millions of years old. He marvels as he realizes that, somehow, this tech has adapted itself to feed off of a bio-electric field – a last ditch effort to stay functioning as its batteries ran dry. It’s been pulling energy directly out of the surrounding land itself. That’s why the crops are dust, why nothing will grow – there’s nothing left to take.

But… if the batteries just need a charge! The Doctor says that he could go back to the TARDIS, rig up a simple a quantum field generator – the Dragon roars, shaking the caverns. Says maybe just enough to get it operating short-term, recharge batteries to full later. He starts rummaging around underneath the computer, looking for the battery core.

Rory calls out that he’s getting tired. Amy runs off into the tunnels, calling out that she’s coming, telling him to run toward her voice. He calls back, his voice getting louder yet barely audible over the roar of the Dragon. Amy sees that he has a bit of a lead as the enraged Dragon smashes and bangs its way into the tunnel walls – which crack with the force of its impact. He hands the egg off to Amy, almost out of breath and hides in an alcove as Amy continues running.

She calls out to the Dragon, running up the green-glowing alcove, into the massive, empty space of the cryo-cell. The enraged Dragon follows her inside the cell. Amy backs up against the wall as it enters and soon fills most of the cell. Amy asks herself what the hell she was thinking.

The Doctor yells AHA! And finds an ornate compartment shrouded in stone. He slides it open and inside is a faintly glowing ball on a pedestal. Brilliant! He starts changing things on his sonic screwdriver, little sound effects as he rifles through settings. Finally he points it at the battery and ‘fires’. The sonic screwdriver emits a high-pitched whine that fades as the ball begins to glow brighter. Soon the screwdriver’s lights go out. The Doctor says ‘that should hold you for an hour or so’.

“Doctor!” The Doctor jumps, hitting his head. Rory comes running up behind him, calling him. He emerges from under the computer to see Amy trapped in the room with the Dragon on screen.

The Dragon lowers its head at her, as if to get a good look at her meal. Amy looks at her, says she’s so sorry about what’s happened… she can only imagine even a flicker of what she’s been through, of what that must feel like… but she’s not going to die in this room with her. The Dragon screeches, snapping at her – Amy dives to the side, barely avoiding the jaws.

The Doctor’s voice comes over the loudspeaker, Rory in the background – He thinks he has the activation sequence figured out, but it’s going to happen fast, she’s got to get out of there. Amy says to start the procedure, she’s coming out now! Amy throws the egg into the air and runs toward the door. The Dragon turns to the egg, trying to catch it. The Doctor presses some keys on the keyboard, red light.
Not working. He goes to point his sonic screwdriver at it – no power. Amy runs around the Dragon’s leg and jumps over its tail as it swings at her. The Doctor tries another combination of keys. No dice.

The Dragon catches the egg and spins toward Amy, it rears up, jaws opening, fire welling up in its mouth. Rory ‘Fire? That’s not fair! I mean, it makes sense… but!’ The Doctor yells ‘of course!’ He hits a different set of keys then hits the same keys he was hitting. The computer says something in an alien language as the doors to the cell begin to close. Amy runs at them, diving through them just as fire spreads throughout the cell. The doors close, the fire winks out and the Dragon roars, thrashing, freezing.

It slowly curls into a fetal position, holding the egg close, coming to a stop with the egg nestled against its head. Amy stares at it for a long moment. Rory runs to her, they hug and watch the slumbering dragon.

Back topside, Jonathan lies on the kitchen table, the family standing around looking morose. The Doctor bursts in, alright, that’s all settled – batteries charged, good to go. He stops and asks why everyone’s so sad. They think Jonathan’s going to die. The Doctor smiles, reminds them he’s the Doctor. He fixes things… and nobody dies today.

He produces a complex piece of technology and runs it across Jonathan’s body, his wounds heal before their eyes. The family hugs their son as the Doctor, Amy and Rory turn to leave. Josie runs up and hugs them, hugs Amy. Amy finds herself fussing with the little girl’s hair then stops herself. William stares at the Doctor ‘You’re not really from the bank, are you?’ The Doctor smiles and says ‘I’m afraid not’.

Together the 3 of them leave the building, walking over to the TARDIS, climbing inside. What about the eggs? Amy asks, what will happen to them? “The eggs take hundreds of years to hatch”, he says… “when exposed to constant, extreme heat”. Until that happens, the world is safe.

The TARDIS disappears as the Ames family runs out of the building, watching as it
fades away to nothingness. Above them, rain starts to fall.

Fast forward 50 years – it’s a beautiful sunny day, the sinkhole is now a large lake and the land surrounding it is lush and green and fertile. Sliding deep
beneath the surface of the lake, the eggs wait, untouched, attached to the walls.

Sliding still up the tunnel to the Frozen Dragon, curled around its single egg. Closing in on its massive, fluttering eye as it dreams away in the deep.

End of Episode.

Aaaaand that's what I've got so far. Decidedly less dark than I feared it'd be, lots of action, lots of interesting little tidbits. Once I get some notes back from my writing group I'm going to do a final final pass... and, hopefully, start my vomit draft.

Good times!

Cheers all!

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