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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Getting there!

Alright, sooo, even with all the distractions and such I've managed to get about half-way through my vomit draft.

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the dialogue just where I want it (I'm trying to go with era-specific slang, etc) so I've decided to just gloss over it for the moment. I'll do a dialogue pass later on and hopefully that'll give me what I'm looking for.

Of course because the dialogue isn't exactly where I want it, some conversations are definitely feeling flat and my script is probably going to end up a tad short because of it... but that's okay. With the vomit draft it's all about just getting as much out of you and onto the page as possible... sometimes it's too much, sometimes it's not enough.

Either way it's all about the seeds (hidden in said vomit... yeah, you're welcome for that).

What do I mean about 'Seeds'? I mean to take another pass, go over the vomit draft and look for all the spots that can easily be 'expanded upon'; where more detail or situations will help the script come to life. Usually I find them by looking for spots where I've inadvertently glossed over something or was unintentionally vague - little bits, yes, but sometimes they're fantastic because they can lead down into some great bits of dialogue or descriptions or reactions that you might not have otherwise ever found.

Once you're done a good Seed pass (which usually ends up as a 1.5 Draft) then I go in for the proverbial kill with a 2nd draft that specializes in solid Dialogue pass and scene tightening. Of course you're never really 'done' at a 2nd draft, but with a good outline and 2 passes I've usually got something strong enough to send out and get real (useful) feedback on.

Sometimes, if I'm feeling particularly good about a Seed draft I'll send it out to some of my closest and most trusted readers. I've found that I definitely want to be careful at this stage because if there's any particular place where I'm feeling 'vulnerable' about my script, it's usually here. Even though the structure is down, everything's still very raw - like a skinned knee - and the wrong comment at the wrong time can cause some damage to my interpretation of my own story.

What do I mean by this? Well, have you ever written something and then, somewhere along the line you just forget what you liked about it, or what got you excited about it in the first place? It's something akin to that. I've found, the hard way (unfortunately) that the wrong comment at the wrong time can push the story (or me) into a weird state of uncertainty where I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking when I started this bloody thing. So far I've deduced that it's something of a self-esteem thing (guilty-writer syndrome...?) but the good news is that it seems to be getting better as I write more.

Hopefully it's one of those things that'll just fade with experience.

Anyways, yes, I'm making headway. With any luck this weekend will be quiet and I can knock out another 20 pages or so.

Fingers crossed!


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