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Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, Hello There

So I've been off doing a host of parental-related duties as of late, trying to fit in momentary pulses of 'writing' when I can.

There haven't been many, but progress has been made.

On the bright side, I've taken the notes from the writer's group and made the changes to my outline - now Mary is left home (for all of 10 mins or so) and ends up in the caverns alone.

This actually works better because we get to have the Doctor with William (which is working out rather well) AND, at the end we get to have William on the other side of the cavern as Mary emerges carrying her son. Far more dramatic/scary.

Plus, with Mary on her own I get to show some of her resourcefulness (and you can certainly see where Josie gets it) - I haven't settled entirely on what these new scenes will be yet, but I'm definitely having fun playing around with the possibilities.

In other news, I had my first session of the New Year for that web series that I created. It's coming along quite well and we actually managed to get drafts done for 3 episodes with the little bit of time that we had. With a bit of luck we'll manage to get this thing wrapped and start pre-production sometime soon (and then I'll be able to talk about it more).

What else?

A bit more of a chat with Chris about Pipeline, a few more changes that need to be made. That might be coming to fruition soon as well.

Lots of irons in the fire and lots of responsibilities to juggle. Looks like 2012 might be very productive -- if I can portion out my time correctly.

Progress. Oh sweet, sweet progress.


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