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Friday, January 27, 2012

Side Story

So, I've been spending small amounts of time working on trying to get Pipeline up and running, time that has slowly been coalescing into something called 'done'.

I thought that I had it finished earlier, and then I had a few rather large holes poked into it. And the show Arctic Air didn't help much either (there were quite a few similarities between their pilot and mine).

On the bright side, I took to the challenge with a great bit of gusto and now, finally, think that I've got something that'll hold up to the scrutiny of the masses.

Of course time will tell on this - and Chris has yet to see the neat bits of sleight-of-hand that I've pulled in order to not have to rewrite large chunks of it from scratch - but once all that is sorted, I think we might finally be ready to move onto 'let's go pitch this' territory.

I hope.

In Doctor Who spec script news... well, there isn't any. *sad face* I'm hoping I can get a solid crack at it this Sunday... you know, get up real early while the rest of the world's asleep and empty my guts all proper-like.

We'll see.

Finally, I'm going to look at Condos tomorrow! Very exciting. It turns out that, with the addition of our youngin' (who's now trying to throw his body around in some sort of 'pre-walking/pre-death-throe'-ish fashion), our little one-bedroom has officially become 'too small'.

So I get to go looking at many, many places that I can't possibly afford.

But... hey, once I'm all rich from having multiple shows on the air and awards and such, we can all look back on this and laugh, right?


Until then I look at the price of some of these listings and try not to imagine the hollowed carcass of my bank account.

Good times!

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