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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

At The Speed Of Light... or not

So, 5 pages a day seems to be a good, safe, healthy, operational tactic for the time being. It's nothing phenomenal, but it seems maintainable. We'll see how that goes.

Once I can get this silly vomit draft done then we can start talking about fun things like clean-up and re-writing with purpose and re-discovering 'what-the-hell-you-were-thinking-in-the-first-place'.

You know, the good stuff.

Tonight I've got another chat with Chris, hopefully this will be where things make the final click into 'aha!' mode and we'll get to move on to some other fun stuff as well - stuff like 'pitching' and 'learning to pitch' and 'not yakking all over the floor in front of those you are pitching'.

Not that I'm nervous or anything. I mean, there's that whole 'fear of the unknown' thing which is rather common. But, hey, I jumped out of the first plane I ever took... so, yeah, it's gotta be easier than that, right?

Anyways, the short update is that things are moving toward a conclusion on at least two fronts - Chris has some other obligations that he needs to start focusing on soon... so that definitely puts a ticking clock on things.

Mmm... tiiiiicking cloooock.

And my vomit draft is nearing some sort of a 'done' state.  Fingers crossed, that'll be wrapped up fast-ish.

More to come soon!

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