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Monday, February 06, 2012

Now that's more like it

Alright, quick post before I head off to a web-series meeting:

Sunday was pretty good, managed to sneak in another 5 pages into my vomit draft (which, at this point... yeah, I don't even want to try and play out the mental image).

My son turned 1 on Saturday so that involved a lot of fancy footwork to get set up and ready. He seemed utterly delighted at the sight of the sparkler though, so that made the good 2-3 hour hunt to find them... well, mostly worthwhile.

Lots of pictures, lots of cake and other things that are really not all that good for us... but it was fun. Hopefully next year, when he has more of an idea what's going on, we can do something a bit bigger and have more people over.

That said, I may come to severely regret that thought as the day approaches.

Who knows?

In other news, yeah, web-series meeting tonight. We've got 5 scripts in the can... well, mostly, with at least one more to do (possibly a 7th, depending on how much hurt we're willing to sign up for).

On the whole, it's coming together well... so, with a bit of luck, we can lock it all tonight and move on to some other interesting stuff like pre-production.

Again, stuff I say now that I may soon come to regret.

Anyways, that's all for now.


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