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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Okay, so, what next?

Sooo... the vomit draft is done, our teeth are brushed and we're all minty fresh once more.


Now what?

If you're anything like me - or, in the case of this writing, are me - then you've probably already snuck a few sideways longing glances at that script you promised not to touch for a week (that way you'd come back to with with the requisite 'fresh eyes').

You may have also, perhaps, snuck onto your laptop at 4 in the morning -- just to fix a particular spelling mistake that you remember not being all that happy with.  And by 'spelling mistake' I mean 'scene'.

Yes, sometimes, despite our best efforts, it's not so easy to just put our scripts down and forget about them.

Sometimes we have to do what I call a 'conscience pass' -- what it's supposed to amount to is a quick read-through looking for things like grammar and spelling.  Often what it amounts to is seeing how many 'things' you can 'fix' in a set amount of time.  Okay, a conscience pass basically amounts to giving yourself a second - brief - swing at bat to catch as many things that you can on a single read through.

Then, conscience appeased, you're able to put the script down for the required time necessary to get some perspective on the bloody thing.

Personally, I've found the best way to do this is to work on something else entirely.  Which, with only my webseries left on the table for the moment, seems to leave me with an easy choice.

The webseries itself is coming along swimmingly - we've just finished the most recent draft of the 6th and final episode... and now we're moving on to punch-ups and such.  With a bit of luck we'll be getting together next week to put the final-ish touches on this baby.   Then?  Pre-production.  I hope.

More to come!

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