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Monday, February 13, 2012

Purge Complete!

What was that?  Oh... oh... oh!

Yes folks, the purge is done.  It was one of the longest first draft processes I've had in a while, but this weekend of bitter coldness ended up being an incredible boon for getting the writing out of me.

It's not perfect and I already know about 3 or 4 things that I want to change here... but the first, hardest part, is done.

Now comes the re-writing, the re-writing, the mild-to-moderate self-loathing and the re-writing.

I think the biggest obstacle this time around was mostly just finding a solid stretch of time where I could sit down and get into a groove.  Once I'm in the zone, the stuff just flows out of me... I can knock the pages out like I'm a Little Mac wannabe.  But therein lies the rub otherwise: finding those times where I'm not already doing a couple other things at once.

Despite my best efforts, this draft ended up about 10 pages light (I'm sitting at 50 right now, aiming for 60), though I think that's a pretty easy fix once I go back and do a dialogue pass.  A lot of the dialogue right now is pretty slim, just enough to get across the point I wanted to make in the scene; Enough for me to be able to go back and add banter and fun bits.  There are a few small moments that I could feel starting to blossom as I wrote it so I made a few notes and, hopefully, I'll be able to tease them out a bit more in the next pass or so.

Other than that, right now I'm just chilling out a tad, letting the script settle a bit, letting my mind clear of it so that when I start the next pass I'll have some semi-fresh eyes.

But, yes, for now: breathe. (and mouthwash.  Lots and lots of mouthwash).

Next Phase: The Re-Writing Process - Taking it to draft #2.


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