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Friday, November 09, 2012

Say No to FIPA

There's been a lot of reading involved, coming to this decision - scrounging up what I can in order to learn more about what we're being signed up for.

(not unlike the TPP, oddly enough -- our Prime Minister has gotten deep into the habit of signing things without, you know, informing Canadians what he's up to -- or letting us see what he did until the ink's dried).

But in the end, I have to stand here and say that I am strongly opposed to Canada's Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) with China.

Why?  Well, the most simple and basic question we need to be asking is this:

What does Canada gain from this agreement?

In fact, it seems that this agreement will actually leave us holding up the larger end of the deal, suffering under more constraints and taking on far more of the risks than is even remotely fair.

My biggest question boils down to this:

If this deal was so good for Canada, for Canadians, why was it negotiated in secret?

Why did our Prime Minister prevent it from being examined by Parliament and having a fair Environmental assessment done?

Politicians love to talk about the great things they're doing, Harper is especially fond of crowing about all of his fantastic strides forward, all of his accomplishments for us.

So why is this deal being done behind closed doors?  Why are we being kept out until the ink has dried?

Even if we must sign this agreement, why are we not insisting on reciprocity?  Why aren't we insisting that Canadians have just a fair shot inside Chinese markets as they will have in ours? 

We, my fellows -- my children -- will be on the hook for the next 31 years.


And Canadians don't get to know the full ramifications of what we're signing onto before hand? 

We don't get to debate the pros and cons and have proper independent assessments?

Look, I get that there's a lot of vested interest out there all of the sudden trying to calm the seas, trying to tell us how 'great' this is going to be for us.  And yet Canadians are being brought to the table in the short bus, kept away from anything that might actually inform (or incense) us.

I must stand against this process, against this secretive agreement that -- from what I can see -- will do more harm than good for my nation.

And that's why I ask that you stand with me in bringing the truth to light on this FIPA and also in demanding a new, full Environmental Assessment of it's impact.


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1 comment:

Gloria said...

CSIS warned of Communist China's huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically named. Gordon Campbell sold BC resources to Communist China as well. Gordon Campbell works for Harper. This was plotted a long time ago. No-one would listen to us. Everything of value in BC is, thieved, sold and, is now all gone.China is bringing their own people, to work our BC mines. Christy Clark and the BC Liberals, are keeping their doors. wide open to Communist China.

This isn't a sell out of Canada, it's a takeover. Who owns our Canadian resources? Who owns all of the jobs? When Harper gives the rest of the tar pits to China? Who gets the jobs? Canadians or cheap Chinese labor. Harper has permitted all company's, to hire cheap Chinese labor. China builds the Enbridge pipeline, very quickly and cheaply. Harper will maintain the pipeline, out of our tax dollars. China refines the oil very cheaply, sells it, making a very nice profit. Russia signed a deal. They will give Chin all the oil they want. China leads in oil sales. They will sell our tar oil by the Chinese yaun, instead of the dollar. China expects to be the world currency, within a decade.

Any province that wants to save themselves, had better get the hell, out of Harper's Canada. BC is already lost.